All Religions have a Common Principle of “HUMANITY” and “TERRORISM” is nothing but mere Misinterpretation of Religious Ethics & Principles…!!!

All Religions have a Common Principle of “HUMANITY” and “TERRORISM” is nothing but mere Misinterpretation of Religious Ethics & Principles…!!!

All Religions have a Common Principle of “HUMANITY” and “TERRORISM” is nothing but mere Misinterpretation of Religious Ethics & Principles…!!!

The most Burning Problem of this 21st Century’s World is “Terrorism”. This is nothing but a Psychological Desease of so many Misguided People of our New Era of Globalisation. The Real Creators of this Problem are the Selfish Wealth Creator “CAPITALISTS”, who are not Satisfied with their financial Positions due to Over Ambitions without Religious Ethical Ability. There are no Laws to punish these International Selfish Syndicate of Capitalists who are Motivating Terrorism and Anti Social Activities. We can say that Laws are made broken for these Capitalists people to Exploit Innocent and Genuine human Beings. They Provide Funding and Financial assistance to some Misguided People for these Anti-Social and Terrorist Activities. The Pressure of Religious Emotion Converts an Ordinary Human Being in to a Sinner or Criminal.

Terrorism is nothing but mere Misinterpretation of Religious Ethics & its Principles. All the Human Beings have a Right to Protect Himself/ Herself against Terrorism and It is our Duty to Protect Lives of Innocent People who are facing Terrorism. There is no Need to take Permission of any Authorised Person for Helping or Supporting Victims of Terrorism. It is a Common Right & Authority given by all the Religions to all Human Beings for the Protection of other Human Beings who are facing Terrorism, Injustice, Partiality, Poverty, Exploitation, Conspiracy, Harassment, Racism and Negligence. Means, there is no Religion in the World which Permits their Follower to Promote Terrorism.

We must Remember a Truth that we are Blessed by all the Religious Ethics & Principes, if we want to Protest Terrorism. What is our Religion is not Important….!!!!! Which is our Nationality is not Important….!!!!! Where our Religion stands in the World is not Important…..!!!!! The most Important Necessity is the Determination of Action for the Common Principle of all the Religions “Humanity”. The Best Religion of the World is “Humanity”, which is the Base of all the Religious Ideology.

No one Religion can make their Religion as a Best Religion of the World by Creating Terrorism to Innocent People. The main Reason of Terrorism is Competition among some Religions to Spread their Customs & Traditions of their Particular Religion. Terrorism can be said as Cruel way of Campaining & Promoting of their Religion or Unethical Promotion of Religious Values which is based on the Foundation of “Humanity”. One common Principle of all the Religion of the World is “Humanity”. This is a Proved Reality by the Analysis of major Sacred Persons of all the Religions of our World. Although some People Creates Terrorism for the Promotion of their Religions. They Kill Innocent People to Convert others by Creating Fear & Mental Pressure.

Frankly Speaking, this Problem can be solved by Genuine Efforts of all the Politicians Worldwide for the Promotion of Humanity and Removal of Terrorism. The Person who is Creating Terror or Killing Innocent People is not Real Criminal & Terrorist, the Real Terrorists are our Politicians who Motivate & Misguide others for creating Terrorism which is Funded and Financed by Selfish Wealth creator “CAPITALISTS”. This is the common Structure of Terrorism or Criminology in all the Nations. I am not here to Protest any Particular Person or Organisation of any Specific Country or Nation.

I have got Precious Informations and Opinions of some Religions about Terrorism by making Search of various Websites as under.

Islam Religion and its Anti Terrorism Principles :-

There are large number of followers of this Islam Religion which was established by Mohammed Paigamber in Arabian Country. I am making some specific attention about Anti Terrorism Principle of this Islam Religion. We are all Human beings are aware about Terrorism and its Adverse Effects but this particular Religion has a majority Allegations of Terrorism. The highest number of Terrorism attackes and Incidents have made by the people belonging to Islam Religion.

We can say that there a Conceptual battle of Islam versis Christians in the World. There are so many Facts and Figures which create Differences and Disputes among both the Religions. I am not Interested to Discuss any Sensitive or Controversial matter between these Two Religions but there are some most Important Facts and Similarity between these Two Religions, they are as under.

Similarity of Islam & Christianity :- Ideological Correlation between Mohammed Paigamber and Jesus Chrisht for Ethics & Principles…!!!

Most Important point of Similarity between Islam and Christianity is that, The Founder of Islam Mohammed Paigamber was assasinated by Terrorists of their Islam Religion and the Founder of Christianity Jesus Chrisht was also assasinated by the Terrorists of their Christian Religion.

Founder of Islam Mohammed Paigamber and Founder of Christianity Jesus Chrisht, both were Aware and Known about their Assasination but they Dedicated their lives for “Humanity” and Principles of Truth, Justice, Peace, Equality and Harmony. They had not taken any Initiative to Protect themself or to Kill their Detractors.


Absolutely Not…!!! Islam condemns all acts of oppression. Necessary force is permissible only when one is defending oneself, family, and right to practice his/her religion or fighting tyranny and oppression. Muslims who blow up buildings and kill innocent people are not acting in accordance with what Islam teaches. [Sources of these facts :- ]

I m reading a lot on this board that people think Islam is a violent religion. This is the furthest from the truth. so i thought i’d help clarify a few things..

when people bash islam, saying our book is promoting hate and violence, they take their verses totally out of context. for example, islam aphobes always use 2:191 – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah is worse than killing.”

if people would have paid attention the verse before that, 2:190 – And fight in the Way of Allâh those who fight you, but transgress not the limits. Truly, Allâh likes not the transgressors.

The Quran was revealed over a long stretch of time. when problems arose, God sent a resolution. At the time of these specific verses, muslims were being tortured and persecuted. the muslims never stuck back, they always turned the other cheek, because islam is PEACE. then, God instructed to defend themselves. by islamic law, we are not allowed to fight, unless attacked first.

also on a note, these are the rules, but it doesnt mean everyone follows them. just because a radical person claims he’s a follower of islam, shouldnt reflect islam itself. thats like saying that all chrstians are white supremacists because of the KKK, thats BS right? same thing applies for islam. real followers of islam have nothing to do with these people, they give us all a bad reputation, and they mislead people and shine a negative light on islam.

The Correct Islamic Position on Terrorism :- [Sources of below Paragraph:- ]
“Killing and terrorizing innocent people and the destruction of property are not condoned by Islam. Attributing all these horrific incidents to Islam is unjust. Muslims should tell the truth and unveil falseness, and inform all people that Islam is a religion of righteousness, betterment and progress. Islam is the final revelation that Allah chose for humankind to guide it from darkness to light. Allah said: “This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.”

Our religion urges us to fulfill our obligations and prohibits us from abandoning such obligations. Allah said: “O you who believe! Fulfill your obligations.” The unjust killing of a human being in Islam is forbidden. Allah said: “And kill not anyone whom Allah has forbidden except for a just cause.”

Corruption on earth is considered a major sin in Islam. Allah said: “And of mankind there is he whose speech may please you in this worldly life, and he calls Allah to witness as to that which is in his heart, yet he is the most quarrelsome of the opponents. And when he turns away from you, his effort in the land is to make mischief therein and to destroy the crops and the cattle, and Allah likes not mischief. And when it is said to him ‘Fear Allah,’ he is led by arrogance to more crime. So enough for him is Hell, and worst indeed is that place to rest.”- Shaikh Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Al-AsShaikh, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia”

Also, a major Sheikh of Islam, the respected Ibn Uthaymeen, heres a link to his rulings regarding terrorism, suicide, and the like.…40007&articlePages=1

heres a video of a muslim speaking and answering questions about islam if anyone is truely interesting the the truth about our religion.

Christianity for Humanity, Bible Forum :-

Christian Religion was set up by Jesus Chrisht for the Promotion and Implementation of “Humanity”. This is the Religion which belongs to Highest number of Population in the World. Jesus Chrisht has Dedicated Life, means they were assasinated by the Cruel & Rascle Terrorists. What does the Holy book of Christianity Says ??? Do they Promote Terrorism ??? The Answer is “NO”. Christianity newer supports or Permits any Terrorist Activity. [Sources of below Paragraph:-]

Swords and Terrorist ???

John 18:10 Cephas, believe me when I say this I’m not trying to start a war here or anything, but I fail to see how you can connect Oklahoma and the cowardly, monstrous, inane action of McViegh’s with “side arms”. Are we going to start saying if we did away with “side arms” we would eliminate the terrorist car bombs in Israel ??? Terrorism is the lowest form of cowardly action taken by a so called ‘man’. I really don’t think it has anything to do with is thread.

Now to address the point, does anyone think Jesus did not know about Peter and his sword ??? Do we every see Jesus telling Peter or any disciple stop carrying their sword ??? In Luke 22:49 “When those who were around Him saw what was going to happen, they said, “Lord, shall we strike with the sword ???” I see an implication that more than just Peter had swords.

I was raised with side arms (guns) we used them to keep weasels away from the chicken house. Rabbits out the garden, and snakes as far away as I could see them. I had my first 22 at the age of 6. My Dad taught me how to use it, respect it and to the best of my knowledge I never abuses or misused it.

A loaded 22 sat by our back door all my childhood and I never touched it, played with it, or aimed at any of my friends. I was taught what it was and what it was for and it never entered my mind to use it for anything other than those purposes. I was taught!

What I’m trying to say is to the disciples a sword was a tool that same as shovel or hoe. What Jesus said was those that live by the sword would died by the sword. Matthew 26:51-52 “And behold, one of those who were with Jesus reached and drew out his sword, and struck the slave of the high priest and cut off his ear. 52Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword.”

Jesus taught them the problem wasn’t the sword. The problem was it was wrong to use it on another person.

Hindu Religion :- Ramayana, Mahabharatha & Bhagwad Geeta – HolyBooks of Hinduism for Truth & Justice.

Hindu Religion and Hinduism’s Ideology is based on the 3 Supreme Gods. They are Lord Brahmma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh, means Lord Shiva. Hinduism is called for its Dedication, Sacrifice, Honesty, Pure Character, Commitment, Peace, Equality, Harmony and Humanity worldwide. “Humanity” based Hindu Religion and Hinduism has no Scope of Terrorism and Criminology.

We can say that One can not considered as Hindu, if he is not following “Humanity” Principles. There is no way of Exploitation, Corruption, Cheating, Harassment or Partiality in Hinduism. As a born Hindu, I can say that still there are so many Misinterpretaions taught by so called Religious Experts and Saints about this Religion. Hinduism is facing Problems of Castism, Racism and Narrow Minded Concepts of Egotism which is managed by selfish wealth creator “CAPITALISTS”.

The Holy Books of Hindu Religion Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagwad Geeta, Indicates Wars and Battles. But is was not a battle for Wealth Creation, Corruption, Partiality, Injustice or Exploitation of Ordinary Human Being. Those Battles were fought for Justice and Truth against Inustice and Partiality. They had done Sacrifice of their Kingdome or Wealth for Ethics and Principles of “Humanity”. Thats why Lord Rama is called as a “Maryada Pursottam” because of their Genuine Character & Culture. Lord Krishna is a Unique Character in the Mahabharatha who played a Vital role to secure win of “Pandavas” against Dirty minded Conspiracy makers “Kauravas”. Bhagwad Gita is a part of Mahabharatha but it can be considered as a comprehensive holybook of Hunduism’s principles of Truth & Justice for “Humanity”.

All the Hindu Gods had faced Big Conspiracies, for Instance Lord Rama and Krishna or Lord Hanumanji. They newer Misused their Powers and Strength against Creative and Genuine People. They had suffered a lot Negligence, Harassment, Partiality and Conspiracy by some Dissatisfied & Jealous People of the same Hindu Religion. At last I would say that Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Lord Hanumanji were Pure Character Personalities. They are and they will be Prayed because of their Characters of Humanity, Truth, Peace & Justice.

There are only three words that capture the essence of Morari Bapu – A Saint and Speaker of Ram Katha… What he stands for – Satya, Prem, Karuna. These three words – Truth, Love, Compassion – are the soul of Ram Katha, the vital ingredients of man, of life and of civilisation.

Each relationship, all our actions and every passing thought must adhere to and be anchored in these highest principles. Neither are they confined to any particular religion, nor are they attached to a specific time or place. They are as universal as the presence of God and as vital as air.

Lord Buddha and Buddhism’s Best Principle of Nonviolence :-

When we think about Lifetime Peace Promoter Lord Buddha, we get a Monk’s Picture in Mind who is doing Meditation. He was the God who Successfully Implemented Peace & Harmony’s Concept in to Complicated Human Life. There are Large Number of Followers of Buddhism in the World because of its Succesful Implementation of “HUMANITY” Principles without creating Conflicts & Terrorism.

Lord Buddha was Able to Promote his Ideology because he was Absolutely Dedicated to Ethics and Principles of Humanity as well as Peace. Lord Buddha was living his Life as a Beggar by Sacrificing his Royal and Prosperous Life. He was belonging to a Reputed and Royal Family. He was so Capable to Live his Life as a King but it was Lord Buddha’s Determination & Will that he Dedicated his Life for Peace Promotion and Humanity by Neglecting his Dominating Royal Life. This is the Reason for which Lord Buddha’s has a Unique Honour and Dignity in the Hearts of his Followers.

There are some Interesting Facts about Buddhism taken from below mentioned Source as under. [Source of below Paragraph:- ]

The spirit of Nonviolence permeates Buddhism…!!! The first precept, not to kill, is the foundation for all Buddhist action. This idea is expanded in the notion of non-harming (ahinsa): that one should actively practice loving kindness towards all.

The Buddha said, “There is no greater happiness than peace.” The ultimate goal for a Buddhist is to reach the peaceful state of nirvana and the means to reach this goal must be peaceful. To be a Buddhist, one is first of all required to observe the Five Precepts, to ensure that one does not take advantage of oneself or others. Being neutral towards all beings, one can embark on the spiritual journey of meditation and reach tranquility of the mind, so that eventually one might be enlightened and gain the insight or wisdom of seeing things as they really are (pañña or prajña). Buddhists call this the realization of total awakening or enlightenment (bodhi).

Conflicts can be positive or negative, constructive or destructive, depending on what we make of them. Buddhists know that everything is impermanent, everything is changing; but in many conflict situations, we forget and become attached to our views, refusing to let them go. We tend to blame the other side alone for our problem.

In all of Buddhist history, there has never been a holy war. Surely Buddhist kings have waged war against one another, and they may even have claimed to be doing so for the benefit of humankind or the Buddhist religion, but they could not quote any saying of the Buddha to support them. The Buddha was quite clear in his renunciation of violence: “Victory creates hatred. Defeat creates suffering. The wise ones desire neither victory nor defeat… Anger creates anger… He who kills will be killed. He who wins will be defeated… Revenge can only be overcome by abandoning revenge…!!! The wise seek neither victory nor defeat”.

“Even if Buddhism as such were extinguished, when human lives are preserved and when human dignity and freedom are cultivated toward peace and loving kindness, Buddhism can be reborn in the hearts of human beings”.

To solve the complex problems of today’s world, we need Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Marxists all to face the situation mindfully in order to understand the structural violence and to avoid blaming anyone. With skillful means and patience, we can solve the world’s conflicts nonviolently.

There is a Buddhist saying that describes this approach:- In times of war Give rise in yourself to the mind of compassion, Helping living beings. Abandon the will to fight. Wherever there is furious battle, Use all your might To keep both sides’ strength equal And then step in to reconcile this conflict. (Vimalakirti Sutra)

Tibetans provide an excellent example of a Buddhist approach to conflict. However violent and ruthless the Chinese aggressors have been to this country, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has never said a harmful word against them. He always asks the Tibetans to refrain from armed struggle and to meditate on what they did in the past that might have caused them so much suffering.

In conflict situations, nonviolence is the desired end as well as the means to achieve it. The Buddhist approach to conflict resolution requires concentration and the practice of mindfulness. When we make nonviolence a part of our daily lives, we water the seeds of a nonviolent society.[Reprinted from Seeds of Peace: A Buddhist Vision for Renewing Society (1992) by Sulak Sivaraksa with permission of Parallax Press, Berkeley, California, ].

Buddhism is the Panacea for curbing terrorism and other sins…….. [Source:-]

Judaism and Anti Terror Movement :- Jews people for “Humanity”…

Judaism is known as a Religion of Israel and Entire World is well known about Struggle of Jews & Israel against Islamic Terrorism. They are facing heavy Struggle against Terrorism. Jews are the People who have given an Example to the Whole World of facing Terrorism with less Assistance and Support against High Profile Terrorism. Even as an Indian and Hindu, I am also Crazy about some Cultures and Customs of Judaism. I like Israel’s Spirit of Nationalism. They have Suffered 350 Years of Struggle for Independence. So many Jews had Sacrificed their lives for their Freedom.

At this Time we can say that Neither Jews nor Islam is the Religion which allows Promoting Terrorism. We can say that the Conflict of Jews & Muslims is nothing but Misinterpretation of the Common Principle of their Religions, “Humanity”.

I Like Israel because my Nation India is known as a nation of Agriculture. We can say that 70 % of Indian Population is Dependent on Agriculture Income. I was the Student of Department of Banking & Business Finance in M.S.University and I had taken “Rural Banking” as my Major Subject during M.Com’s Examination. I am sharing this Fact because I liked very much one Agricultural Technology of Israel, “Drip Irrigation”. So, I would say that Agriculture is the Best Profession of Whole World.

A very Special Thanks to Agricultural Scientists of Israel for making this Great Innovation of “Drip Irrigation” Technology. This is a Great Gift of Israel to our so called Globalised world towards Capitalism which is Neglecting Rural Development and Removal of Poverty.

There are some Important Facts of Judaism as under….. [Source of Below Paragraph:-] Judaism (from the Greek Ioudaïsmos, derived from the Hebrew יהודה, Yehudah, “Judah”;[1] in Hebrew: יַהֲדוּת, Yahedut, the distinctive characteristics of the Judean ethnos)[2] is a set of beliefs and practices originating in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh), as later further explored and explained in the Talmud and other texts. Judaism presents itself as the covenantal relationship between the Children of Israel (later, the Jewish nation) and God. As such, many consider it the first monotheistic religion. Many aspects of Judaism correspond to Western concepts of ethics and civil law. Judaism is among the oldest religious traditions still being practised today, and many of its texts and traditions are central to other Abrahamic religions. As such, Jewish history and the principles and ethics of Judaism have influenced various other religions, including Christianity and Islam.Pope’s call to Jewish Leaders for United against Terrorism.

[Source of below Paragraph:-]

In a speech to Muslim and Jewish leaders in Sydney, Pope Benedict called for all religions to unite against terrorism and to resolve conflicts peacefully.

“In a world threatened by sinister and indiscriminate forms of violence, the united voice of religious people urges nations and communities to resolve conflict through peaceful means and with full regard for human dignity,” Pope Benedict said.

Sikh Religion for Humanity :-

Sikh Religion was Established by Guru Nanakji in 1,459 A.D for the Equality, Justice, Welfare and Progress of Human being. he was a Success Worrior of Humanity. Guru nanakji had Dedicated their Life for promotion of Humanity Principles. They were known for Justice and Equlity and Supporters of Humanity’s Ethics without Egotism. I know some Persons following Sikh Religion since Childhood and I am well known about their Unity & Equality Principles. Sikh Customs and Traditions are very Perfect for enhancement of Unity and Cultural Spirit.One Important Fact to learn from Sikh Religion is the Social way of reaching to Prosperity by Implem enting Principle of Equality. They are having some Social Customs of Promoting and Sharing Income or Revenues among all the Religious Followers and Reducing Social Burden of one another.

I have little idea about it but I am Confirm that they have very Important Social System of Prosperity by way of Spiritual Power and Divinity. Another Point which I had seen when I was in School that this Religion is facing some Typical & Complicated Problem of Cast Disputes and Racism as Hindu Religion is having some Complicated Issues. Sikh Community is United for their Spiritual and Social Welfare without any Cast Conflicts. We can say that Class People to Mass People of Sikh Community are United for their Ideology of Humanity.

Sikh Religion has a Tradition of making an Individual so Capable that he can Protect himself in a Best manner. They put Emphasise on Self Protection against Terrorism or Criminals or Anti Social People. Sikh Follower are given Sword as the Symbol for their Self Protection. This for the Protection of “Humanity”. This Religion does not allow Corruption or Injustice to Poor People. Even they dont allow Exploitation of other Human Beings.

There were some problems of Sikh Terrorism in Punjab State of India before 10 Years but now they are Concentrated for their “Humanity” Principles in India. Nowadays, Sikhs have Proved their Ability & Talent for our Nation as well as for the whole World. Just Recently One Sikh Sport man Abhinav Bindra has won Gold Medal with a World Record in Olympic for India after so many Years….

I have got some Facts about Sikh Religion from Various sources as under….

Sikh is defined as someone in search of, learner, or seeking the truth. Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh philosophy saw the world suffering from hatred and divided based on religious boundaries. He urged everyone to seek within their own heart and realize that the one Creator is pervading in every heart, regardless of religion, color or creed. We are a non-political, non-profit and independent body engaged in seeking and providing assistance to those in desperate need of help. As Sikhs, we are obligated to see everyone as equals. Therefore, there is no discrimination based on religion, gendor, colour, etc…

[Source of above Paragraph:-]

Parsi Religion of Peace & Harmony:-

As an Indian, I can say that this is the Best Community of our Nation. Parsis follow the Religion of Zoroaster. The Real Story of their arrival to India was very Interesting. They gave a small Commitment of mixing their Ability & Traditions with Indian Culture & Traditions in such a manner that Sugar gets itself mixed in to Hot Milk.

Since their Arrival they are absolutely Committed to their Promice of adding Sweetness to Indian Culture & Tradition. They are very less in Population but their Contribution is Excellent to our Nation. The most Follower of Non Violence Principle of Mahatma Gandhi, is the Parsi Community. India can not Neglect Obligations of this Community in the Fields of Economy, Politics and Social Welfare. Zoroastrianism was one of the first religions to postulate that there is an omnipotent and invisible God. They believe in Ahura Mazda, who is symbolized by fire. Humanity ensures victory over evil by following the principles of humata (good thoughts), hukta (good words) and huvarshta (good deeds). Parsis worship in the Fire temples and wear a sadra (sacred shirt) and a kasti (sacred thread).


There is no Need to write more Words about this Zoroaster Religion because they are known for Humanity and Principles of Oneness. The highest number of Parsis are Indian Citizens. They have maintained their Ethics and Principles in such a way that there is no Allegation against this Religions for any Terrorism based Anti Social Activity. They are Purely performing their Duties for Humanity only.

Jain Religion of Non Violence :-

India is known for its Multi Culture Atmosphere and Jainism is also a part of this Nation’s Multi Culture Atmosphere. Normally this Religion has a Principle of Nonviolence & Truth. The Founder of Jainism Mahavir Swami, was the Person of Truth, Justice and Nonviolence. There is a Similarity between Lord Buddha & Fonder of Jainism Mahavir Swami that there both were from Royal Family background and Dedicated their lives for Humanity Principles.

Like Buddhism, Jainism also originated as a reaction to the excessive ritualism and rigid social systems prevalent in Hinduism at that time. There are an estimated 4 million Jains in India today, living mostly in Gujarat and Karnataka. According to Jainism, Samyagcharitra or right conduct can be achieved by following the Five Great Vows of Ahinsha (non-violence), Satya (truth), Asteya (non-stealing), Aparigraha (non-possessing) and Brahmacharya (celibacy).

[Source of above Paragraph :-]
On the basis of above Principle of Jainism, we can consider this Religion as a Religion of Nonviolence, Peace & Truth.

Sindhi Religion of Lord Zhulelal :-

This Sindhi Religion was originated in Sindh State of Pakistan. Sindh was often the final stop for Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Turks and Pashtuns travellers.[citation needed] This gave Sindh a distinct and unique culture even before the arrival of Islam. In 1947, with the departure of the British from India, the state of Pakistan was created out of the Muslim-majority provinces of British India. All of Sindh was allotted to Pakistan. According to the 1941 census, 25% of the population of the province of Sindh was Hindu, about 23% was made up of Sindhi Baloch tribes and nearly one-third was made up of descendants of Muslim conquerors, administrators and missionaries who were mainly naturalized Arabs, Persians, Afghans and Turks (including the Mughals), who had assimilated with native Sindhis.[citation needed] Most of the Hindu Sindhis were city dwellers and were largely occupied with trade and commerce. [Source of above Paragraph :-]

This Community has a Significant Characteristic of Professionalism, means Majority Sindhi people are Entrepreneurs and very Hard working Community for establishment of Enterprises. I have seen in this Community a Spirit & Passion of Promoting their Youngsters for becoming entrepreneurs of their own Business. They support their Community People for setting & development of enterprise.

Their Ethics and Principles are very common with Principle of other Religions for “Humanity”. The Common Principles of Truth, Harmony and Justice. They have some Specific kind of Customs & Traditions which motivate a Person for becoming Self Reliable about their Progress and Ability. Sindhi does not Promote Terrorism or Crime. They had suffered some threats and attackes in the Past but the actual principle what they follow and they are said to follow by their Religion is Nonviolence, Truth & Justice.

-: Conclusion is the Common Principle of “Humanity” :-

The conclusion of above Discussions and Facts is that all Religions are based on the Common Principle of “Humanity”. No one Religion of this World Permits Harassment or Killing of Innocent Human beings. The exact reason of conflicts among Huan beings is a Psychological Desease. We can Identify some Psychological Deseases as Jealosy, Dissatisfaction, Over Ambition, Proud & Selfishness, Over Confidence of Wealth, Narrow Mind set up of Prosperity, Partiality, Racism, Cast or Religion Superiority Complex, Conspiracy based Negligence of Rival’s Ability, Most Important Reason of Conflict and Disputes of 21st Century is “Sex Racket” & “Sex Scandals”, Physical Emotions without Spiritual basis of Creativity & Culture, Selfishness of Wealth Creation, Corruption, Injustice to Efficient Person for the Promotion of Bogus Persons, Egotism of Power and Position without following Core Religious Principles for “Humanity”, Biggest enemy of Natural Peace“CAPITALISM”.

The exact of reason of making this Article is to proove that, No one Religion of this Universe allows Crime or Terrorism. We are Divided among Cast, Religion, State, Language and Nations but we must follow our Duty of “Humanity” as a Human being. All the Terror Supporting People are commiting crime according to their Religion. Believe it or not but we all Human beings should Confess the Importance and Existance of a Supreme Spiritual Energy, “Super Soul of the Universe”.

The Eternal Peace & Prosperity is Possible by way of following Principles of Truth, Justice, Harmony and Nonviolence. It is Impossible to Rule Human beings by Misusing Powers and Positions for Lifetime. Short time Goal can be achieved but the Life Mission is Impossible by Neglecting basic Ethics and Principles of “Humanity”.

I am also a Protestor of Terrorism and I believe to remove Terrorism from the World. I have protested Terrorism and Terrorists Openly so many Times withour any Political Purpose. This is a Worldwide Problem and this can be Solved by Spiritual Ethics or Principles in a better way rather that tackling it from the Political Prospective.

I am making this Initiative to Promote a Concept of “United Culture” which can help all the Human beings of the World for Lifetime Real Peace & Prosperity.

Thank You very much.

Pinkal K. Bhatt, Vadodara- Gujarat, India.

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Importance of Sex Education…..

Importance of Sex Education….

Dear Friends of whole Universe,

This is Pinkal K. Bhatt, 28 Years of Male from Vadodara- Gujarat, India. As a Youngster of so called Democratic and Independenct Nation India, I am making this Article. In other words, this my Duty to Discuss and Share my thoughts about his particular and most Important topic. I believe that “Sex Education” is necessary since the Age of 14 Years due to fast forward physical growth in 21st Era. “Sex Education” is Necessary for explaining its real Importance and Significance of creating Next Generations of Human Being and Reducing Psychological Misunderstanding of “Sex Scandals” and “Sex Rackets”. This is just an Initiative to maintain Purity of our Society for the maintainance of basic Principle of “Genuine Character” of all the Religions and Humanity. I am sure that Majority Religions of the World Emphasises on “Genuine Character” or “Loyal Sex with Spouse”.

The basic Qualification and Eligibility which I have obtatined to put this Article is that, “I am not Involved or Member of any Sex Scandal and Sex Racket”. According to my Religion Hindu, Sex is a God Gifted Process for the creation of next Generation but the Tragedy of present Gerneration is that Majority people are misguided about its exact Important and Dignity. Its Dignity can be maintained by Enjoying Loyal Romance with your Spouse or Life Partner. I wrote a word Dignity for Sex, Yes Sex is a matter of Dignity, not only Physical Satisfaction or Egotism. Sex is Necessary for Life but we should not live for Sex only…….!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many Pshchological Patients wasting their Precious life by making Sex Scandals and Sex Rackets. This is nothing but Time & Energy wasting for getting False Physical Satisfaction of Sex.

Organising and Supporting Sex Scandal or Sex Racket is a Sin according to Religious Principles and it is a Big Crime according to Laws & Regulations. Means it is clear that Organisers of “Sex Scandals” and “Sex Rackets” are Sinner first, then it becomes duty of Government to take Action against Sex Racket Operators. Majority Religious Saints maintain Celibacy for Preserving their Vergin Character. Best Instance of The Vergin Character God of this Universe is “Hanumanji”. We Indians know them as Bajrangbali, Pavanputra and Anjaniputra. I Respect this kind of Great Character Persons who are Really Committed towards Pure Celibacy based Social Commitments. They are Indeed Pure and Clean Character Persons and maintaining Celibacy which indicates that they are not Misusing Sex and Romance, Great God Gifted Process for Creating next Generation. It is Difficult to find such a Pure Character Virgin or Sex Loyal Person.

I have seen that Pure Character persons have to face some fake Allegations because the Segment of maintaining Loyal Sex or Celibacy is very less or Rarely seen in our so called Globalised Society. The Person who is maintaining this Qualification of “Genuine Character” must keep in Mind that they will be Protested by a lot of Wicked and Immoral People because the Sex Hobbier Persons have a large Number of Population in all the Religions. It is the Law of Nature that Quality and Ability is always Restricted or Limited against wide Spread Immorality of Sinners. In all the Religions of the World, Wicked People had done their Dirty Job of Spreading Sins. There are some Misinterpretations of this Sex Activity or Action. So, I am here performing my Duty of Appreciating “Genuine Character” People who are Blessed by Super Soul of this Universe.

There are some Hobbier and Misguided People who are Actively involved in making Sins of organising “Sex Scandals” or “Sex Rackets”. I have come to a Conclusion after Examining Real Humanity based Principles of Major Religions of this World that we Ordinary human beings should not forget our limitations that we are not able to Achieve such a Position that we will be Worshiped by the people as “God of Sex” or “Symbol of Romance”, So please stop making “Sex Scandals” and “Sex Rackets” because Organising this programme is a Big Sin according to all the Religions of the World. This is a Real and Proven Fact of Human Life.

“Sex Education” is necessary to Clear Differences between Concept and Action of Sex. We can Educate Students and Youngsters about its Real Imporance for Human Life to follow Principles of Genuine Character. I Prefer to begin “Sex Education” since the age of 14 Years because this is a Fast and Forward Era of Progress and it is has a direct Impact on Physical as well as Mental Growth of any Human being. “Sex Education” can build Self Confidence to Loyal & Committed Genuine Character Couple or Spouse or Sex Partner.

The Best Sacred & Cultural Book of “Sex Education” is “Kamasutra”. This Book has covered all the Necessary Informations about Sex and Romance Education. Now, it depends up on us how to make Creative Application of various Books and Literature for the Welfare of our Society. This is for those who are Able to Understand and Implement Social Principles of Genuine Character. I openly Request not to Refer these Literatures, if you are not Able to Promote Social Values of Humanity. This is not for those, who are Sinners or Immoral Persons to Dilute Social Life of Genuine Couples or Genuine Character Persons.

Any Male and Female can have Sex and Romance Desire, this is a Law of Nature. It is also a Law of Nature that we should have Loyal and Committed Partnership for Sex. This is very Bitter for lot of people to Implement Loyal Sex Partnership, but this is a Real Truth indicated by the Intellectual People of Majority Religions of the World. You can ask Sacred & Religious Persons of any Religion about the Imporatance of Genuine & Loyal partnership of Sex, naturally you will come to know about its Importance of Pure Character.

If we begin “Sex Education” since the age of 14 Years, the Students will be so Efficient to Control their Sex Emotion at the Time of their Mature Age. We can say that Students will have a Specific Mental and Psychological Control on their “Sex Emotion” and “Sex Desire” after attining Maturith age of 18 Years. Normally, it is seen that Students have not enough control on their “Sex Emotion” or “Sex Desire” when they attain Maturity age of 18 Years. There are so many Students who have not made Proper Academic Progress because of their Diverted Mind for Sex and Romance during Teen Ages. The another Experience is that Students who have got “Sex Education” will be so Able to Control their “Sex Emotion” and “Sex Desire” during Precious Years of Teen Ages & Precious Years of Academic career. It is Fact that any Student can Concentrate on Academic Career after attending a Proper Control on “Sex Emotion” and “Sex Desire”. I had Discussions with Saints and Sacred Persons about the Reason of this Pyhsical Reality, they explained me the Imporatnce of Celibacy [Brahmcharya] during Student Life. I can say that with Self Respect that I have done Master of Commerse in Banking & Business Finance [M.Com] with Higher Secong Class in M.S.University after doing Post Graduation Diploma in Banking & Business Finance [P.G.Dip. in Banking] and Bachelor of Commerse [B.Com] from M.S.University of Baroda by following some Simple Advises of Saints and Sacred Persons.

Now, there are some Advantages of Properly “Sex Educated” Students that they will be Able to Understand Pyhsical Emotions of their Spouse or Sex Partner after Marriage. I am not talking about Sex or romance before Marriage because my Religion Hinduism does not Permit to Imagine Sex and Romance Relationship before Marriage. “Sex Education” will Improve level of Satisfaction and it will Remove some Rigid Superstitions. For Instance, One can have more Sex Satisfaction with an Experienced or Veteran Sex Partner…!!!!!! Another Superstition is that People believe that having Sex and Romance Relationship with large Number of Sex Partners in Life is a Good Luck or an Achievement. The actual Reality is that One can have Eternal Sex Satisfaction so Easily with a Single Spouse as a Sex Partner Lifetime with Proper Mental and Physical Understandings.

There is no Need to change Sex Partners regularly, if you have a Proper Understanding with a Single Sex Partner or Spouse Lifetime. Changing Sex Partner is a Psychological Desease, nothing else than that. This is not my Opinion but this is a Conclusion of Majority Religion’s Sacred Persons and Saints. I am making this Article for the Promotion of Loyal Sex Relationship and Happy Social Life of Disturbed but Rich Human beings. Therefore, there is a Process or System called as “Marriage” in all the Religions otherwise there will be a Free Sex Community to change Sex partners Regularly without any System of Marriage. We need to have Exact Understanding of Mental and Physical Importance of “Sex Education” for any Human Being of the World and any religion of the World.

Nowadays, a lot of Porn Material is awailable in the Society by way of Television which gives an Adverse Effect on Human Mind about “Sex Emotion” and “Sex Desire”. Frankly Speaking I have and had so many Friends Hobbier of watching Porn and Blue Movies but I did not involve myself in any “Sex Scandal” or “Sex Racket” because of clear Concept of Sex and Romance. I am living absolutel Stress Free Life at the Age of 28 without Marriage or Sex, due to maintaining some Ordinary Religious Rules of Hinduism. I can Control my “Sex Desire” and “Sex Emotion” easily when a Normal Young Boy of 28 Years of age losses his Mental Temper. This is Possible because of “Sex Education”. I have a Self Respect and Proud for my Character that I newer share these Topics with my Friends or Well Wishers because my Self Satisfaction is Greater than any so called Physical Satisfaction.

In all the above Discussion, I am not Ignoring Sex and Romance because I accept that Sex & Romance is a Precious part of Human Life but it does not mean that it is the Compulsory and most Important part of Human Life. Please try to Understand Difference of Precious part of Human Life and Compulsory or most Important part of Human Life. I openly Speak about “Sex Education” to Promote Principles of “Humanity”. I Speak Frankly about “Sex Education” and “Use of Condom” to create Unity and Awareness of all the Human beings of all the Religions of this World to Defeat Problem of HIV- AIDS.

The most Common Ethic or Principle of all the religion of this World is “Humanity”. It is our duty to Preserve some Precious Gifts of Super Soul of this Universe. It is so easy to Ignor or Neglect a Person but it very Difficult to find Hidden Ability & Truth of any Person. We are Blessed by God to find Eternal Creativity of this World. We are made to Promote a lot Creativity and Principles of “Humanity”. Therefore I make open Request to Consider “Sex Education” is a Precious part to any Human Being’s Life. Please believe for a Moment that you are nothing but a Human being and all other People are the same Human beings as you are, you will be Able to Understand and Explain much more Facts of Human Life to others than me. So, believe in your Ability and Creativity.

I have very Little Words to write about Importance of “Sex Education” but Please Please try to Focus on yourself as a Human Being for the Eternal Happiness of all the Human Beings of this World, you will find yourself as a Great Person of “Real Happiness’ for all other Human beings surrounding you and your Family. My Best Wishes to all Human beings for the Success of “Sex & Romance” Life and “Success Life of Happiness”.

Thank You very much.

Pinkal K. Bhatt, Vadodara- Gujarat, India.

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“Tobacco, Drugs & Wine” biggest Ememy Material of Human Beings…..

“Tobacco, Drugs & Wine” biggest Ememy Material of Human Beings…

“Tobacco, Drugs & Wine” biggest Ememy Material of Human Beings…!!!

Dear Friends of Whole Universe,

This is as a Part of my Official Request to all Human Beings of the Universe to start an Agitation against Adverse Effects of the use of “Tobacco, Drugs & Wine”. I am here to seek Support and Guidance of some Intellectual People, Doctors, Social Workers, NGOs, Organisations, Media Persons, Politicians, Bureaucrats Etc. for the Promotion of “No Tobabcco Movement”.

There are some Materials working as The Biggest Enemies of Human Beings, we can identify them as “Tobacco, Drugs & Wine”. These are the most adversely affecting ingredients to Human Beings’s Life.

Chewing, Smoking or Intake of these Items give Adverse Effect to Anyone’s Body and Valuable Organs. The Number of Cases of Cancer and Other Deceases have been Increasing day by day due to this Bad Habits of “Tobacco, Drugs & Wine”. They make damage to its Habutual Person in such a way that He losses his Physical and Mental Efficiency of Fuctioning. Even I have seen so many Instances of Physical damage and even Family Damage because of Bad Habits of these Harmful Ingredients.

Medical research has determined that tobacco smoking causes lung cancer, emphysema, and cardiovascular disease among other health problems.[2][3] The World Health Organization reported that tobacco smoking killed 100 million people worldwide in the 20th century and warned that it could kill one billion people around the world in the 21st century.

The use of these Materials has not only Physical Effect but also it gives Financial Damge also. In Developing Country India, there are so many Family have been Destroying because of Bad Habits of Tobacco, Drugs & Wine. The Habit of these Materials results Financial loss of some Families in such a way that it becomes almost Impossible to Reset Social Environment of that Particular family again.

Another Point I want to say at this stage is that, These harmful Materials give adverse results to all the Segment of our Society. means this is the most Common Problem from Mass people to Class people of any Nation. Recently I heard or read somewhere before few days about Anti Tobacco & Anti Drugs Campaign of United Nations for the saving of precious Property of World, “YOUTHS”.

We are Blind and Direction less because of Globalisation and Capitalism at this Juncture because we are Ignoring this Big Problem of our Society, Nation and Whole World. We need to Support our Nation’s Government Officials as well as United Nations to Protest “Tabacco, Drugs & Wine”. We need to Support our Goverment in such a Manner so that they can take Immediate Actions against Criminals, Anti Social Elements & Drugs Mafias, who are spreading this Materials in our Society to Damage our Social Welfare. We are seeking some Strong Lawful Actions of our Politicians & Bureaucrats to Protest these Bad Materials. Strict Laws should be imposed to Forbid this Elements from our Sociaty, Nation and World.

At last I am making a Request to all Youths to Avoid all these Materials because I have faced all the Bad Experiences and I am also a Witness of so many Destroyed Families due to “Tobacco, Drugs & Wine”.

Thank You so much.

Pinkal K. Bhatt,

Vadodara- Gujarat, India.

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“Psycholigical Deseases”:- An Obstacle of Individual Independence after 60 Years of Indian Independence…!!

Dear Friends of Whole Universe,

The First and most Important Reason of making this Article is to Appreciate Citizen’s of United States for Electing Barack H. Obama as their President. U.S.A is moving towards Real Freedom from Physical as well as Psychological Deseases. They have Prooved that they are the Best Democracy of the World. They Deserve the Best. So, we wish a Great Congratulations to Barack H. Obama and their Citizens for their Ability to Implement Proper Change.

Nowadays we are watching on Television about Development and Globalisation but we are not looking at the another Adverse side of this so called Modernisation. After all we are Human Beings and all the Human Beings have some Emotions, Ethics, Principles, Values, Ambitions, Ability, Creativity, Jealousy, Egotism, Prejudice, Dedication Etc……

These Obstacles create Problem for so many People’s Progress in to Direct or Indirect manner. It is just an Artificial Picture which showcases about Increasing World GDP and Standard of Living. But on the other hand, this has given us some Psychological Deseases. Most important fact of these Deseases is the Non Availability of its Medicine. The main reason of Psychological Desease is the Improper Conceptions and Attitude of Humanity. Frankly Speaking there should be strict Laws and Regulations about it.

We are not Able to Punish some White Collar Rascle Criminals of our Society who are doing Class to Mass People’s Damage. There are some Persons Believe themselves as Equivalent to God…. So many wants to Dominate by Pressure and Harassment. They Exploit People and Create Differences in to our Developing Society……Means, Psychological Desease affected People have a Strategy of “Divide & Rule”.

Let us talk of some well known Psychological Deseases of our so called Advance World. Because this is the Reason of India’s Status as Under Developed or Developing Nation after 60 Years of its Independence.

Racism :-

Racism comes out of Superiority Complex Mind Set up. Racism can be Defined as the most Dirty Conception of so called Highly Educated Class of our Society, State, Nation or World. We are not Authorised to Decide anyone’s Social Status by Misusing our Power & Position. All the Human Beings are Equal whenever there is a matter of someone’s Rights and Justice. This Racism and Proudy Behaviour indicates Inability of that Particular Developed Class of our Society which is so Selfish that they are not Able to accept Ability of other Class or Segment of People. They are the most Sophisticated Criminals of “HUMANITY”, who are spreading this Desease of Racism. A Person can be said as a Real Intelligent, if he has Ability to Accept and Confess other’s Ability. There should be no Ignorance Attitude for any Specific Cast or Community about Routine Ordinary Social matters. They must Remember that by Neglecting anybody they are Neglecting their Opportunity of Social Welfare.

All the High Status Politicians, Bureaucrats, Capitalists or Religious Persons must not Forget that they are also a part of our Society. It becomes their Moral Responsibility to Appreciate someone’s Creativity & Ability.

I believe that Status and Dignity of some Personalities should be maintained and the Humble Attitude of some High Profile People should not be Considered as their Selfishness, but they must Proove themselves as a Genuine Socialists rather that Rascle Capitalists. All the Citizens should be Aware about their duty of Socialism because after Achieving a level of Success it is seen that People become Proudy and Perform Rude Attitude to Normal Class of People.  

Ignorance :-

Ignorance is the outcome of Racism and Selfishness, which shows Improper Person at the Higher Position of our Society. There are so many People have Negligence and Ignorance Attitude for below Dignity Class or Segment of People. Even it is always seen that Higher Class makes Dirty Gambling and Conspiracies to Discourage other Class of People. Ignorance Attitude indicates lack of Digesting Ability for Wealth, Power and Position. We have seen so many Persons who are Able and Efficient in their Respective Field of work but their Progress is Limited or Neglected. Ignorance is the Feature of Proudy Persons.

I would say that Earning Money is not Important but Digesting Prosperity makes all the Difference. Ignorance and Negligence indicates Negative Attitude of somebody. It is seen in some Cases that a Person has to Suffer a lot Negligence and Ignorance because of his Qualitative Potential and Ability. Ignorance Behaviour can Satisfy a Selfish Person’s Ego for a Short Period not Permanent Period because they are Aware about Higher Efficiency & Quality of their Competitor so they make all these kind of Negative and Conspiracy based Attitude.

Injustice :-

Injustice means, any Deserved Person is not getting Result of his Hardwork and Dedication due to a Well Organised Conspiracy. The most Commonly seen Phychological Desease is the Fake Allegations and Sophisticated way of Exploitation of Hardworking Class of People. The Higher Position people are so Intelligent to Exploit other Class or below Class of people. The way of Conspiracy is very Sophisticated that it is Difficult to Provide Sufficient Evidence of their Exploitation Conspiracy, Corruption, Sex Scandal or Assasination. Injustice which is done by a Gang or Ring of so many Higher Position’s People. All the Rascles and Cheaters of Higher Positions Target a Particular Normal Class of People or Person. They Misuse their Power and Position to proove their so called Cultural Ability. Actually, the Higher Position’s Persons make a Ring to Ignore, Exploit & Neglect other Class or Segment of People.

The Law & Regulations are not properly Established to secure Justice for a Neglecting Class of Efficient People. Injustice may happen at any Stage or Position of a Human Being. It is not Limited to a particular Segment of People. As a Victim of Injustice, I can say that this is a Big Crime of God. The Persons who are doing Injustice must keep in their Mind that there they will be Punished by God or Super Soul of the Universe. I am not Feeling that I am living in a Democratic Country because we have been Facing a lot Exploitation, Partiality and Injustice since past few Years.

Jealousy :- Jealousy is the Reflecting Attitude of a Person who has no Sufficient Sportmanship to make Healthy Competition. It is very Important for us to make a Healthy way of Competition and to Accept any Rival’s Real Ability and Creativity. I have faced a lot Jealousy of my Less Efficient but Dirty Minded Detractors. At this Moment I want to Pray God to Bless all the People to Accept other Person’s Ability & Creativity with a Sportmanship Attitude. Jealousy sometimes Destroys a Big Creativity which is Necessary for our Society. A Small Damage by a Jealous Person to an Odinary Person’s Ability or Creativity may Result in to a Big Loss to Society, Nation or World. So, We Pray God to have a new Medicine to avoid Deseases of Racism, Ignorance, Injustice and Jealousy.

For Instance, some Managers have a Negative Opinion about their Junior Colleague’s Performance because of Superiority Complex and Fear of loosing his Managerial Position. In the same way Jealousy happens for Money, Designation, Success, Achievement and Life Style. This is the most Important Reason of Increasing Sex Scandals. Only one Solution of this Problem, let us Pray God or Super Soul of Universe to Invent a new Medicine for Psychological Deseases…..!!!!

Partiality :- We are seeing so many cases of Higher Progress of some less Efficient People and No any Progress of Able & Efficient People. The main reason of this is nothing but well known Psychological Desease of Partiality. It is Obvious Human Nature to Promote and Motivate a Person by Influence or Recommendation rather than his Individual Ability. This can be said as Partiality. Inable and Qualitative people are neglected to Promote so called Able People. It is so Common that Less Efficient Person gets Selection because of his Influence and Well Qualified has to Face Struggle and Ignorance because of his High Potential. This is done for the Exploitation of Highly Efficient and Intelligent Person.

The Best Example of Partiality can be given in most Popular Game of Cricket, where Umpire makes Partiality to Rival’s Team in some Sensitive cases of LBW & Run Out…..The Removal of Partiality is Possible by way of Developing Neutral Mentality for Equality and Social Welfare. This Attitude may result in to long term Loss to any Organisation and Nation. So, it is better to Promote Personalities who have Neutral Mentality of Attitude.

Prejudice :- Prejudice is the Negative Gift of Inferiority Complex. Inferiority Complex creates a Specific Negative feelings to some Qualitative People because of a Person’s Small and Conservative Mentality. World is Progressing but the Growth of Progressive Mentality is Limited. Means, there is a Selfishness of some People to Avoid others. They Avoid and Neglect other because or their Fear of loosing their so called Higher Position. So, they make Fake Allegations to Discourage them, who are more Capable than Existing Persons of that Position. Somebody Restrics their long term Vision by Targeting a Specific Person or his Group. This can be Removed by making Healthy Discussions with Highly Educated and Intelligent People. Prejudice is nothing but a Narrow Mind Set up about a Particular Personality. A lot thinking is needed to Evaluate a person’s Personality, it can not be measured by limited Aspects of a Narrow Mind…..!!!!!

Prejudice affected People can Earn Money or Achieve some Higher Position but they can not maintain Pure & Heartly Respect of all the Segment of People. Prejudice makes a Mental Situation of Dissatisfaction after all having all Materials because they can not Enjoy Properly due to other’s Happiness……!!!!!!! They can make Negative Opinion about Any Intelligent or Qualitative Person without making Proper Analysis or Discussion of their Concepts. Prejudice affected do so Sophisticated Exploitation that it is Difficult to Find out their way of Conspiracy in the Normal manner.

Sex Scandals & Romance Ring :-

We can say that this is the Biggest Psychological Desease of 21st Century. Sex Scandal is the out come of Lower Quality of Romance knowledge and Inferiority kind of Physical Desire. There are so many Higher Class of People who are also facing this Problem because of their Poor Quality of Sex & Romance Knowledge. I have seen some People who believe themselves as Osho Rajnish and keep Changing Romance Partners. The Unbelievable Fact of Sex is that there is a Big “SEX RING” or “SEX SCANDAL GROUP” at the Local, State, National and International level. Even I am facing Negligence of some Specific Groups because I am not a Member of “SEX SYNDICATE”. I Pray God to Help those Illiterate and Uneducated People of Sex and Romance because Law & Regulations are not Properly Established to Remove this Nuisance.

Just Today Morning I was watching a Sacred Person Morari Bapu’s Speech about Religious Imporance of Romance which is said as “Kam Sutra” according to Ancient Indian Literatures. In the Traditional Indian Culture “Kam Sutra” was considered as very Important Book of Romance & Sex. A Physical Desire can be Satisfied Lifetime by Loyal Intimacy with a Life Partner. but Loyal Physical Relationship is very Difficult to Maintain Nowadays due to Blind Competition with Western Contry’s Culture. Some Poor Minded Romantic Indians dont know about Importance oF Virgin Character according to Weatern Culture and Importance of Loyal Physical Relationship with Spouse. So, I want to make a Small Clarification here that there no Popular and Ancient Culture of the World which allows Chaos Sexual Relationships. I want to Request those People to Share their Physical Desire with their Loyal Spouse and Try to bring Solution of Disturbed Social Life by way of Following Great Ancient Literatures as “Kam Sutra”.

It is so Difficult to Establish a Genuine Relationship between a Male and Female by way of Marriage because it is a kind of Complicated Social Custom. But it has been a Fashion or Trend of some Lower Minded but Well Settled Category of People to Destroy a Couple’s Intimacy by organising “Sex Scandals”. This is done in to very Well Organised manner and it is Funded by some so called Higher Position People of my Nation. I am not here to Criticise anybody but I am here to Express my Inability to Educate those 3rd Class Mentality People of Super Dignity and Status….

Please, If you are not Able to promote Great Cultural Heritage of India- Bharat- Hindustan, dont Worry but you are not Authorised to Destroy World Appreciated Social Systems and Traditions of my Nation. Fell free to talk about Romance but Maintain its Dignity by doing it with a Specific Status of Person as your Spouse. I am writing this because of my Clean Character after all High Profile Sex Scandal Conspiracies of my Detractors.

Egotism :- This is the Big Desease created by Superiority Complex affected People.. Somebody Feels that I am the only Person Blessesd by God to do Anything with Anybody in any Manner wheather it is Proper or Adverse. They can be said as Unauthorised Distributor of God. I accept that Egotism is not Limited to a Particular Field of Personality, it is seen in so many Fields and Class of Persons. I Respect Egotism of those who are Able to Appreciate and Promote Ability of all the Segment and Fields. Sometimes Egotism converts an Efficient Person in to a Big Sinner or Dictator. So, the Situation of a Person should be such which can allow him for Self Respect but not Egotism. There is a Slight Difference between Egotism and Self Respect which is Difficult to Understand by Normal People.

I have seen so many Person’s Examples of Wrong Decisions or Visionless Attitude because of mere Egotism. Egotism can be Removed easily, if a Person makes an Excercise. Start Reminding the most Struggling and Adverse period of your Life and the Person who had offered you a Platform to Perform for your Progress….!!!! Just Feel a Moment that the Person whom you Hates or Neglects a lot may also have such a Key Position in Future because after all Time is the Witness of Change. Former U.S President had to Welcome the Newly Elected Person Barack H. Obama whom he Neglected by washing his Hands during his Dinner Visit with that Former President…..

This is not Criticism but I want to make an Initiative to Open Eyes of Blind & Egoist People. Dont Forget that, “Records are made Broken”. What you have at this Moment can be Achieved by anybody Else because “Change is the Rule of Nature”. And One Important message I want to send to some Misguided People that, “Only Nature has Truth in this Artificial World”.

Any Human Being can not become a God. Please Accept this Reality and Truth of Life. We must Develope a Creative Mentality to Appreciate other’s Talent and Ability. I would Appreciate my Rival’s Creativity, if he is Indeed Creative Person. I want to Pray God to Bless me in such a way, so that I can Face all the Situations and Circumstances of Actual World without Egotism.

Unhealthy ways of Competition by Unethical people:- It is Obvious for any Human Being to have a Burning Desire and Ambitions. It is our Duty to Motivate anyone for his Burning Desire without any Rascle Mentality or Dirty Mind Set up. I am saying this is to Motivate all of you for the Healthy way of Competition. I want to make most Important Clarification that I am not writing here my Reality to get Financial Compensation from any Conspiracy maker. I dont want any Single Penny because I have not made Unhealthy Competition to Anyone. Thats why Nobody is Able to Repay my Financial, Social and Individual Loss.

Once a Reporter cum Interviewver of Times of India called me and asked about my Opinion of Bribing, I said Clearly about it that Whenever there is a Matter of Bribing in India, it should be made Legal for atleast next 25 Years to make Life easier. And I paid my First Legal Bribe with Government Receipt at the time of getting Selected Number of my Bike. Now the Question arises about the Kind and Quality of Work by way of Bribing….!!!! I replied to Reporter that I will follow Ethical way of Competition whenever there is a Matter of Competition with my Detractors and Rivals. She felt Great Surprise when I spoke about Ethical way of Competition with my Rival without any Unhealthy Conspiracy.

But Unfortunately I can say that My Family is among the highly Affected Victim of Unhealthy way of Competition in India after Independence. If there is an Agency to Investigate about my Family’s Struggle and Nationalism, so many Facts will come out about Unhealthy way of Competition and most High Profile Conspiracy of Independent India- Bharat- Hindustan. Please forward this Article to as many as Possible to Spread Exploitation and Partiality Story to Destroy an Able Person and his Family. I have been facing a Big Conspiracy since past few Years due to Unhealthy way of Competition of my Rivals. I have faced so many fake Allegations and Blames of Uneducated & Illiterate but Higher Position’s Egoist People.

There are so many ways of Unhealthy Competition. You may be given High Degree of Psychological Pressure. So many People will make Fake Allegations. Even my Parents have been facing Exploitation and Injustice in to their routine Life. I am not Feeling that India is a Democratic Nation after its Indepence of 60 Years. Frankly Speaking Since last few Years we are Facing heavy Exploitation that we have lost Faith and Confidence for our Democracy and Democratic System.

Fake Criticism and Artificial Appreciation :-

Some Bad Habits spread Unexpected Adversities in the Society. People make Fake Criticism of Honest and Non Corrupted Person for their Selfish benefit and sometimes they make Fake Appreciation of some Rascle and Nuisance Mentality People for their short term Capitalism based Selfish Benefit. Short Term benefit can be Defined as Financial Benefit, Designation Benefit or Physical Benefit but this Relationship has no Ethical Value or Commitment for Long Term. This is happening because of Selfishness and Wealth Creation Mentality without Long Term Vision.

I have seen so many People Criticise a Particular Person because He/She is not Surrendering Himself/ Herself to their so callled Higher Status or Dignity. So, Only Few Dissatisfied People will Start making Fake Criticism and Rest 80 % will Follow them in the Fake Criticism Campaign for their Short Term Benefit without any Individual Bad Experience or Negligence. But they will Criticise that Alone and Genuine Person to Satisfy Ego of so called Intelligent People, Social Activists, Professionals, Corporate Persons, Egoist Bureaucrats, Ambitious Journalists and Profit Minded Industrialists. By Criticising, Neglecting and Insulting an Ethical & Non Corrupted Person they can get Heavy Earning within Short Term which is not Possible for them to Earn by Creative Ways. Therefore, they Involve themself in to Conspiracy against a Real Socialist Person for their Vision & Principle Less mere Financial Purpose. Only Wealth Creation Purpose by Discouraging and Insulting some Pure Character Personalitites.

Nowadays a New Development has taken place of Publicity & Brand Promotion Concept. This is a new Field of Advertisement. The Unbelievable Fact of this Field is that these Firms Promote Unethical, Corrupted and Wealth Making People. They make so Systematic Promotion of Capitalists that People Consider them as the Real Person or Brand of Creativity. But no One can get an Idea about their Hidden and Selfish Mentality of Exploitation and Wealth Creation. They are given Contracts to Destroy and Exploit some Qualitative and Efficient Person for some Dishonest, Cheater and Corruption based Entrepreneurs. This “Ring of Capitalists” is Spread to Local, State, National and International Level and Politicians, Bureaucrats, Journalists and Religious Persons change according to Time Change but this “Ring of Capitalists” never Change. They Exploit our Nation in a Strong Group of so many Capitalists. An Ordinary but Ethical Person can be Kicked our from his Organistion, Firm, Family and Society by giving a High Profile Sophisticated Contract to Destroy His/ Her Career and He/ She will have to Suffer because He/She is not a Member of “Ring of Capitalist” or “Selfish Gang of Wealth Makers”.

Please think Seriously about above given fact and try to Earn some Blessing instead of Earning Sins as per Routine of Capitalism based Activities.

Happiness :-

“Happiness”, this single word is so Precious that it is Impossible to Purchase or Sell for Anybody in the World. A Man can become Rich by Earning Money or Creating Wealth but he can not become Prosperous without getting Happiness. This is Truth but some People are not Willing to accept because they are not Able to make others Happy. I can say that Money is very useful for getting Happiness but it can be Achieved by some Concrete Democratic Socialism based Activities..To Create is much Difficult but Contracts are given to Destroy so many Emotion based Genuine Persons. If you are not Able to Provide Platform to someone for His/ Her Talent or Creativity, No Issue but don’t Discourage or Discredit Him/ Her about Ability & Talent. A Capitalist can not become a Real Social Worker and a Human Being can not become a God. Let us Pray God to make us Free from all these Psychological Deseases as Mentioned above to get Pure “Happiness”.

Proper Implementation of Socialism can make a Person Happy because any Human Being is a Social Animal. This is not my Home Production Statement but it is Proven Statement of Economics. So, instead of making Jealousy based fake Allegation or Contract to Destroy Rival’s & Competitor ‘s Creativity, Please Concentrate to Control your Egotism, Narrow Minded Capitalism, Negligence, Racism, Partiality, Exploitation, Insulting Attitude, Unhealthy Way of Competition, Injustice, Prejudice, Fake Criticisms and Appreciations and Sex Scandals.

“Happiness” can not be Grabed or Taken from other Happy Man or Woman. It can be Achieved from Day to Day’s Dedication, Sacrifice, Commitment, Honesty, Nationalism,Truth, Welfare, Creativity, Sacrifice, Hard Work Etc…. Means it is 100% Confirm that “Happiness” is not Achieved by Selfish & Anti- Social Capitalism but by way of Proper Democratic Socialism.

At last Thank You so much as a Happiest Person of the Universe. This is not a Drama or Acting to Create Fake Craze among Hungry People of Happiness but my Natural Mental Position of Happiness. I would Welcome anybody to become my Companion of this Journey of Happiest Person of The Universe. Anybody can Join my Creative Movement of “Mission Creativity” without paying any Membership Fees, you just Need to make a Small Commitment of Focussing on Worldwide Creativity for the Removal of Psychological Deseases.

Pinkal K. Bhatt,

Vadodara- Gujarat, India.

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“FOOD”- Importance and Its Effects for Human Beings & Animals…..

“FOOD”- Importance and Its Effects for Human Beings & Animals.

Dear Friends of Whole Universe,

“FOOD”, can be defined as the most Important and Compulsory Element for Human Beings and Animal. Normally a Human Being can live 3 to 4 Days without Food. Means this is the most Important Element for anybody. Survival is Impossible without “FOOD”. It Provides Vitamins, Minerals and Proteins.We can get Stamina and Efficiency to work for our day to day routine work by taking Food. For more please visit the Book, “Food Facts For The Home-Maker”, by writer Lucile Stimson Harvey.

There is one thing all men have in common with the animals – the necessity for daily food. For rich and poor alike a certain amount of food is necessary to keep the body in good condition. They must be planned, prepared, and served with unvarying regularity in order to maintain the health and efficiency of the family.They must be planned, prepared, and served with unvarying regularity in order to maintain the health and efficiency of the family.

Although each household has different conditions to meet which make the problem more or less distinct, at the same time there are world problems and situations today which put us all on much the same footing whether we keep house in our own homes or depend upon hotels and restaurants for our meals. The war has brought us face to face with the fact that each individual, in regard to the food he consumes as well as in other respects, is no longer a unit by himself, but is a part of the community, and is responsible to the world at large for his likes and dislikes, or for the surplus he consumes over and above his actual needs.

Importance of Soul Food….!!!! The very fact that certain foods are even on the menu in most American restaurants today tells a story of how Africans came to this country and what happened when they got here. The discussion also covers how Southern cooking has come to be known by some as soul food, what that means and what it doesn’t, and how the term “soul food” has come to mean more than just food.Black-eyed peas, rice, yams, greens, okra and cornbread. To commemorate Black History Month, Talk of the Nation looks at the story of African Americans through the lens of southern cooking, often known as soul food. For more please visit Talk of the Nation, February 4, 2003.

Food is an essential prerequisite for life and as such the primary goal of eating and drinking is to enable the body to function normally. With food, or the lack of it, the destinies of individuals are greatly influenced. We should “eat to live”, and “not live to eat”. Nutrition is a matter of life-long eating habits which become set with age. Dietary patterns also vary from one person to another according to the difference of cultural and geographic environment to another. To ensure a proper supply of the essential nutrients, we must combine food sources of these nutritients in the right amounts. This results in a healthy well-balanced diet.

The Holy Prophet of Islam Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) recommended even for pious man the quantity of food “which is just sufficient to keep his back-bone erect” From the Blog of Amina Mohammed. This Expains us Importance of Food is maintained by taking its Adequate Quantity.

The Famous Humanity Promoter Lord Buddha, was used to eat only begged Food by Donors. This indicates that Lord Buddha’s Activity of Begging Food was Removing his Egoism for the Promotion of his Great Humanity Principles to all the Class and Segment of our Society people. So, he is not a Beggar who is Begging Food but he is a Real beggar who is not Able to Donate Principles of Humanity and its Philosophical Values to our Society, Nation & World.

Thank You so much.

Pinkal K. Bhatt,

Vadodara- Gujarat, India.

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A Real Truth of Biggest High Profile Exploitation Conspiracy of so called Independent India :- “Ability never Die but a Man is Nothing without Money”…..

A Real Truth of Biggest High Profile Exploitation Conspiracy of so called Independent India :- “Ability never Die but a Man is Nothing without Money”

“Ability never Die but a Man is Nothing without Money”, A Real Truth of Silent High Profile Conspiracy…..!!!!!

Dear Friends of Whole Universe, “Ability never Die but a Man is Nothing without Money”, A Real Truth of Silent High Profile Conspiracy…! This is said by Pinkal K. Bhatt, on the basis of his Experiences of Exploitation, Negligence, Partiality, Conspiracy and Struggle for his Professional Career after all having Qualification and Hardwork of M.Com Banking & Business Finance, Post Graduation Diploma in Banking & Business Finance and B.Com…. I am making this Article because this is the most Crucial stage of my Life because we are facing such a Big High Profile Conspiracy of Capitalists that Somebody else may Commit Crime, Suicide or become of an Unsound Mind Person due to Extra Ordinary way of High Profile Conspiracy. I am Thankful to Great God and Super Soul of Universe for allowing me this Position to Express my Reality and Truth to the World.

The Biggest Truth I would like to share at this Moment is that I am not Involved in any Sex Scandal or Sex Conspiracy. I am not a Syndicate Member which includes Local & International Criminals, Terrorists, Gangsters and “SEX SCANDAL RACKET or SEX RING” of India- Bhatat- Hindustan who are backed by Corrupted Politicians, Bureaucrats, Industrialists, Journalists, Corporate Persons and some Religious People also. My Detractors have been making some Conspiracies to Discredit me by way of Involving me in to Sex Scandal but they are not succeed due to their Dirty Minded Conspiracy towards me. I am Ready to Speak any Fact about my Personal Life, if investigation conducted by a Non-Corrupted and Honest Agency.

I have been following Laws and Regulation of my Nation but some Dissatisfied and Jealous people have made such a Big Conspiracy that sometimes I was Treated as a Criminal or Terrorist by Authority People. I am not a Criminal or Terrorist and I can give Clarification to concern Authority people about any such Incidences or Happenings to Proove my Nationalism Spirit for India- Bharat- Hindustan.There is no any Police Complain registered against me. The only Responsible Factor of my Spoiled Career is the “EGOTISM” of some Less Efficient and Corrupted Group of Capitalist People……

Even I was placed Under Indirect Custody & Surveilance and I was observed by Private Detectives without any Criminal Record. My Cell Phone Conversations were beings Traced and there was a well Organised Conspiracy to Discourage and Discredit me and my Family by a Panel Guidelines of Politicians, Bureaucrats, Journalists, Industrialists, Corporate Persons and Religious People and many more…. I was Damaged in all Possible Ways. For Instance, Physical Attacks were happened, I had got so many Threats on my Cell Phone, I was given Food Poison and Exorbitant Pressure Techniques for Exploitation and Negligence. My Parents were given Exorbitant level of Direct and Indirect Harassment, My entire Family was facing Injustice, Partiality and Negligence.

All the Advanced Technologies of Detective Instruments were used to Damage me and to Create as many as Rivals and Detractors of my Family Members. Even I had to Beg for my own Hardwork Money to them whom I had given for their urgent need and I had to beg for my Incentives during Job for which I was Eligible according to that Particular Employer. Means, “I was Converted in to a Begger from a Professional Person by way of most well Organised & Big Funded Conspiracy after all having Ability and Hardwork”…….

The entire Conspiracy can be Disclosed with Names of Local, National & International Conspiracy makers by way of Examination and Detailed Investigation of my Cell Phone Statements and Conversation Informations since 2003…. Because my Cell Phone Conversation Details were given to my Detractors by some Corrupted & Dishonest Personnels of “Airtel”, Bharati Cellular Services. This Investigation must be done by an International level’s Independent & Reliable Investigation Agency which has a Sound Investigation Network and Genuine Track Record of its Services.

This is a Big Budget High Profile Conspiracy since last 2-3 Decades and it can be Disclosed by a proper Investigation Agency or a Non- Corrupted Body like C.B.I, I.B or R.A.W….. There was a Multinational Company or Agency which had undertaken Sophisticated Contract to Damage my Family and my Creativity. My Detractors had used so many Local Criminals as well as some International Gangsters.

The Disclosure of this Conspiracy will be an Example for so many Qualitative & Efficient Youths of India- Bharat- Hindustan……. I am alone doing this Fight with Moral Support of my Mother & Father because they are not Aware about some Undisclosed Truths and facts of Conspiracy. I have done my Career Struggle without any Backing or Influence of any Family Member or Wealthy Well Wisher’s Support. I accept that I am having a Family background of some Politicians, but they are all “Selfmade Social Workers without any Capitalist Family background”.

I started my First Job in the Summer Vacation of 11th Standard and I can say that entire Vadodara City is the Witness of my Hardcore Career Struggle of Sales and Marketing Field, means I can give you Professional Reference for any Area of my City about my Hardcore career Struggle without any Influence. As a Victim of Defective Capitalism based Democratic System which is Dominated by a Group of Corrupted & Dishonest Politicians, Corporate Persons, Bureaucrats, Industrialists, Journalists and Religious Saints. So many has to Suffer for Progress and Prosperity because of their Ethics and Principles…… I am not here to say that I am the most Able Person for Progress but I have suffered a lot Partiality because I did not allow myself to be an Instrument of Capitalists for their Exploitation and Wealth Creation Conspiracy. I Love my India- Bharat- Hindustan.

After Independence of 60 Years of my Nation India- Bharat- Hindustan, we are among Under Developed Nations or Developing Nations. This Indicates that my Country is Affected by Corruption’s Decease. This is done in to so Well Organised manner that it is Difficult to Remove this Grass Root Corruption of India- Bharat- Hindustan. Corruption has given us a Gift of Poverty, Unemployment and Illiteracy.

If we make a “Progress Report of Entrepreneurs since its Inception” by Independent Management Organisations or Institutes about Ethical, Honest, Non-Corrupted and Nation Dedicated Genuine Entrepreneurs…..There will be Hardly 25 % of Total Entrepreneurs which can be said as Genuine Entrepreneurs….We are not Jealous or Protestor of any Corporate Tycoons but this is the Proper Time to Focus on the most Responsible Factor of our Country’s Status of Under Developed or Developing Nation after 60 Years of Independence…! Where as Germany has a Developed Nation’s Status after all facing 2 World Wars…!

Let us come to a main Point,” Ability never Die but a Man is nothing without Money”. I can define Money as a Tool or Material which can Purchase or Buy 99 % things available for Human Beings.

What Money can do ????

:- Money makes an Ordinary Cheater or Corrupted Person’s Status so high that he prooves himself as a God or Equivalent to God.

:- Wealthy Person can Exploit or Destroy anyone who is working with Ethics and Principles which is not Favourable for their Capitalism.

:- Rich People can Misuse Laws and Regulations for their Self Interest by Neglecting Nation’s Interest.

:- We have seen so many Corrupted People are the Dominators of our Country.

:- Money can make a Blue Print in to a Big Constructed Structure but it can not make a Commitment for Divinity of Religious Place or Temple in to that Constructed Structure from Blue Print.

:- Money can make an Ordinary Person as a Super Intelligent Person but it can not make an Ordinary Person as a Great Personality of Swami Vivekananda.

:- Money can Purchase any Genuine Person’s Shelter but it can not Purchase Pacific Ocean.

:- Money can Destroy any Person’s Creativity but can not Create any Personality as a Symbol of “HUMANITY”.

:- Money can make So many Canals or even an ordinary Water flow in to a River but it can not make any Artificial River as Sacred as Ganga River.

:- Money can make an Ordinary Person as an Emperor or King but it can not Secure that ordinary Man’s Position as Great Worrior Nepolian….

:- Money can purchase any Car in U.S.A but can not have Status of President’s Car.

I Accept that 99 % people can be Controlled or Purchased by Money because only 1 % People in the World or Less than 1 % People in the World are having Real Quality of Honesty, Dedication, Ethics, Creativity, Nationalism, Principles, Commitment, Equality for their Life, means it is Impossible to Dominate them by way of Money. I Respect some Great Personalities who are among 1 % of Exceptional People because they are my source of Motivation. For attaining Qualification of World’s Great Exceptional 1 % Personality People’s Status and Dignity, One need to Face a lot Conspiracy, Ignorance, Jealousy, Pertiality, Harassment and Injustice.

There are some Exceptional Personalities of the World who had Dedicated their lives for their Ethics and Principle and they are among 1 % of Great Personalities of this Universe. We can Start with the First Name of Jesus Christh, Man of Christianity who had Dedicated his Life for “HUMANITY”. Mohammad Paigamber, Founder of Islam for “Equality & Humanity”. Lord Buddha, A Man of Lifelong Peace Promotion, Guru Gobind Singhji as a Real Fighter for Justice……..At this Moment Please Excuse me, if I am Forgetting any Name because this is just an Example of 1% Segment of Great Personalities of the World.

For my Country India, I feel Proud for The Great Virgin Character God of Hinduism, “Hanumanji”. People know them by so many Names of Bajrangbali, Pavanputra, Anjani Putra…….This is the Best Character of Hinduism to Examine for their Lifetime Dedication of their God “Shree Ram”. Hanumanji’s Character is a Unique Source of Motivation for me. We Pray them for our Peace and Progress. They had done Anything and Everything for their Master Shree Ram without any Self Interest or Selfishness. “HANUMANJI” had no Intention of becoming a King or Kingdom, only Worship of Shree Ram……..!!!!!!

At last I am Thankful to all those Jealous and Dissatisfied High Profile Conspiracy makers who have given me an Opportunity or Compelled me to Proove mysely as a Follower of some 1% of Exceptional Personalities of the World for Progress and Creativity.

I have made some Articles or Threads for “HUMANITY”, about Environment Protection, Child Rights, Media, Education, War, Water, Air, HIV- AIDS, “SANSKRIT”- Great Ancient Language of India- Bharat- Hindustan, “Tobacco- Drugs- Wine”- Biggest Enemy Materials of Human Beings, “EXPLOITATION”- An Abnormal Gift of “CAPITALISTS” to Ordinary but Hard Working people….

For more Please Visit :-

I am Thankful to Great Lifetime Struggler Parents for Motivating me towards “HUMANITY” and its Importance for Human Beings…..My Father Kishorbhai K. Bhatt and my Mother Pritiben K. Bhatt.

Thank You so much.

Pinkal K. Bhatt,

Vadodara- Gujarat, India.

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“EXPLOITATION”- An Abnormal Gift of “CAPITALISTS” to Ordinary but Hardworking People…..!!!!!!!

“EXPLOITATION”- An Abnormal Gift of “CAPITALISTS” to Ordinary but Hardworking People…..!!!!!!!

Dear Friends of Whole Universe,

“CAPITALISM”, this is the reasoning Factor of Poverty, Unemployment, Partiality and Increasing Crime rate or Criminals. Because in my Country India- Bharat- Hindustan, there is no Laws and Regulations for White Collar and Hidden Criminals. They are having higher Positions at various levels and classess. For Instance, Industrialists, Rich people, Bureaucrats, High profile Journalists and Religious People. These people are made to Break Laws and Regulations, Promote Criminals and Exploite Struggling Girls & Boys. My Nation’s Democratic System is so Defective that Political Leaders are Unable to Declair an Agitation against Gang of these Corrupted and Dishonest people because these people know how to Exploite Politicians and Political Parties.
“CAPITALISTS”, People not only Exploits all Politicians but also their Political Parties for their Financial Interest.

“CAPITALISM”, is the Mother of Exploitation. India is not a Poor Country but Poorely managed Country. “Exploiatation” can be defined as the Misuse of Efficiency or Ability to Discourage someone. It is said that a Birth is Possible by the Bless of God but the Survival with Higher Standard of Living is Possible by Hardwork, Dedication and Commitment. There are so many Persons who are having some Skills and Talents but their Progress or Growth is very Limited due to Exploitation.

 “Exploitation” is the main reason of Poverty of India- Bharat- Hindustan. Even I have been facing well Organised Exploitation Conspiracy by a Group of Politicians, Bureaucrats, Journalists, Industrialists and Religious Persons. We are facing Conspiracy because in my Family Members are Selfmade Social Workers without having any Capitalist background.

 “CAPITALISM”, is one of the reason of Lower Per Capita Income, Unequal Income Distribution, Higher Numbers of People living below Poverty line, Lover Standard of Living, Crime incidences by Labourers due to Pressure, Inability of Sufficient Income after all having Efficiency and Qualification, Systematic Promotion & Achievement fixing of Rich and Class People, Increasing Differences between Rich and Poor Class of Society, Wealth Creation by Rich people by way of Stolen and Manipulated Projects, Ideas and Creativity of some Mass and Poor people.

As said by T. Kala on 8 June’ 2006 about Exploitation of Child Labourers, The desperate conditions affecting the rural as well as the urban poor in India are forcing growing numbers of children to toil often in subhuman conditions. They are deprived of their most basic rights as children, including education and a joyful childhood. Most have never been to school or dropped out at very young ages.

 The way of Exploitation is not only Restricted to Human Beings but it includes Animals also. It is Tragedy of our Nation that some people do their profession of Earning by Exploiting Animals because they are facing Poverty and Unemployment.

There are so many Organisations and Institutions to Agitate against Animal Exploitation and its Misuse. I am Thankful to all those Volunteers and Organisations, working for the Welfare of Animals against Exploitation.

Estimates of the number of child labourers vary widely. According to a 1991 census, 11.2 million children aged between 5 and 14 were working in India. But other estimates put the figure far higher. In a supreme court case last December, Ashok Aggarwal, an advocate for a group of non-government organisations, submitted that 100 million children were out of school and working—half of India’s 200 million children.(see :-

 In the above Picture you can have an Idea about Sexual and Physical Exploitation by “CAPITALISTS”. This is so Common in India- Bharat- Hindustan that Struggling Girls and Boys are Exploited by Industrialists or Wealthy Persons.

It is almost Impossible to get Justice for poor class of People because they are not Able to Fulfil Needs of Corrupted Politicians and Bureaucrats.

Please send me your Opinion about this Burning Problem of Exploitation. I am doing this Blogging with a Mission of Promotion of Creativity and Welfare of Human Beings. I am not Funded by anybody to make Allegation or Protest any Particular Person or Organisation.

This is an Initiative to Address most Common and Spreading Nuisance of our so called Sophisticated Society………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For more Please Visit :-

Thank You so much.
Pinkal K. Bhatt,
Vadodara- Gujarat, India.

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